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If you love ice cream and cereal, Spilled Milk Ice Cream and Cereal Bar is the place for you!

Originally published on audacy.com

If you love ice cream and cereal, this place is for you. Owners Marvin and Sara Phillip opened up Spilled Milk and Cereal Bar located at 907 East and 9th South last year and haven’t looked back. This place is hopping in the popular 9th and 9th area and they fit right in. The owners say everyone has been so welcoming to them as they build this business to expand. The soft ice cream blended with your favorite cereal is an amazing treat and you can pick one of the popular ones on the menu like Over the Rainbow Shake or Lucky mallow which is Lucky Charms and Rice Krispy treats. Plus you can create your own and who knows…it could make it on the menu. They open at Noon and stay open straight through to 11PM at night, so it’s perfect during the day, family night with the kids or a cool date night. Spilled Milk Ice Cream and Cereal Bar also makes milk shakes, Ice Cream sandwiches and they have crispy treats. And they cater for events and parties!! Check out the raving reviews and pictures at spilledmilkicecream.com Utah’s main streets define the character of our communities, as much as our cities and national parks. Through innovation, resilience and hope, small business owners in Salt Lake County and throughout the state are rising to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Visit Salt Lake and the Utah Office of Tourism invite you to join us as we hear the inspiring stories of these small business owners in a series we call Mighty Main Street. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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